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Why do my palatine gums burn and tingle? - Posted By joevprude (joevprude) on 11th Oct 17 at 11:07am
There are several reasons. One could be if you ate something hot, spicy or crunchy that irritated your mouth. Could also be from a benign oral condition something like geographic tongue. Also many woman (like me) have this condition from hormonal changes. If you look in your mouth and don't see any whitish, or bright red patches then wait and see if symptoms improve. If you do see anything abnormal or symptoms don't improve in 2 weeks get checked by a dentist just to be sure all is ok. also, listerine is harsh on your tissue if it is already sore try rinsing w warm salt water instead and son't over brush or brush too hard. are you flossing? this will help too

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